Technology alone is not enough

BrickworkX services are customized to guide in the creation of scalable blueprints that take into account company culture, and where your business stands as you re-shape your road map.

The BrickworkX approach provides a flexible, yet repeatable, framework to help our customers identify, plan, execute and manage a multitude of outcomes to include: Time-to-Market Acceleration, Streamlined IT Operations, Budgetary Relief and Cost Optimization, Improved Cyber Hygiene and Security, and Workforce Productivity.

BrickworkX Services —

Data Center

Our Data Center practice offers expertise in architecture, design and deployment of environments based on workload demand. With the movement towards software defined, automation and orchestration must be key to a next-generation data center.


Users expect to interact with organizations and consume services on their terms. BrickworkX team of network engineers can custom design high-density, high-speed and high-capacity networks to support high-quality user experiences to meet the demands of modern business.

Platform Engineering

Your organization is a strategic asset to your customers. The platforms (infrastructure, software, data, security, policy, and pipelines) you invest in to deliver your value are critical in gaining a competitive edge. The BrickworkX differentiated approach, talent, and experience come together to engineer platforms that are scalable, leverage delivery in any model, and provide immediate value.


Our methodology was developed by our team of experienced cybersecurity leaders, based on their years in the trenches implementing world-class security programs. This methodology leverages existing resources, tools and processes wherever possible and identifies other areas that have opportunities for modernization.

Taking an outcome-based approach aligns business with technology to help our customers stay relevant in the competitive landscape. BrickworkX deploys a unique methodology and go to market that positions the right services to help our customers solve complex business problems.

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